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, About S4B CERT, Silent 4 Business
, About S4B CERT, Silent 4 Business

About S4B CERT


Provide specialized services for attention and response of threats and security incidents, through continuous improvement of our processes and alliances with other organizations to contribute to a safe digital environment for our clients.


Through a specialized team, be a reliable reference in the field of investigation, assistance and dissemination in activities of attention and response to security incidents.


»Provide specialized technical assistance to our clients and organizations in general, in attention of threats and/or security incidents.

»Build and maintain strategic alliances with national and international organizations as well as public and private institutions, to consolidate mechanisms in the field of information security.

»Promote awareness activities in information management, risks, as well as information security policies implementations.

»Generate information security tools, early alerts and communicated to our customers and organizations in general to avoid, warn and attend possible security threats and/or incidents.


•Alerts and Warnings

•Incident Handling

•Intrusion Detection Services

•Security Consulting

•Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

•Vulnerability Handling


•Development of Security Tools

•Security Audits or Assessments

•Risk Analysis

•Awareness Building

•Configuration and Maintenance of Security Tools, Applications and Infrastructures


T. + 52 (55) 78233000


, About S4B CERT, Silent 4 Business
, About S4B CERT, Silent 4 Business

Silent4Business provides to our customers solutions for proactive detection and cyber risk mitigation based on their needs.