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To effectively fulfill our clients needs, our portfolio of services is shaped by the following:

, CYBER INTELLIGENCE, Silent 4 Business


a. Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT).
b. Study, coordination and response of threats.
c. Research and threat hunting.
d. We analyze the organizational context, in order to proactively guarantee Information Security through cyber intelligence.
e. The Special Unit  ‘Tiger Team’ is responsible for:

i. Penetration tests and vulnerability analysis of Black Box, Gray and White type for infrastructure, applications and mobiles.
ii. Forensic Analysis
iii. Code Inspection
iv. Safe development cycle.
v. Social Engineering Services
vi. Wireless Network

f. Cyber intelligence solution that allows to know threats in a proactive way through a permanent monitoring of the cyberspace.

i. Cyber Threat Alert

  • Vulnerabilities following.
  • Notifications of cybersecurity news.
  • Identification of information leaks.

ii. Deep Threat Analysis

  • Threats monitoring (Malware, C&C, Blacklist,  Exploit kit).

iii. Brand Protection

  • Identification and following of phishing sites.
  • Monitoring of apocryphal apps.
  • Identification of compromised credentials.

Developers of cyber intelligence solution:


Juan de Jesús Grimaldo Hernández
Gabriela Peralta Díaz
Carlos David Villagómez Quezada
Juan Carlos Ramírez Cardona
Arturo Cabrera de Anda
Oscar Francisco Castro Careaga

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, CYBER INTELLIGENCE, Silent 4 Business

Silent4Business provides to our customers solutions for proactive detection and cyber risk mitigation based on their needs.