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, TLP, Silent 4 Business
, TLP, Silent 4 Business

Traffic Light Protocol

The Traffic Light Protocol was created to facilitate the sharing of information. It is a set of designations used to allow information to be shared with the right audience.

Four colors are used to indicate the sharing limits that the received information can have.

The recipients of the information have the redistribution of information received in accordance with the scope of the enumeration “RED”, “AMBER”, “GREEN”, “WHITE”, which must be identified in the document with the colors shown in the following table, black background (R = 0, G = 0, B = 0) and in capital letters.

Image: Use of TLP in Documents

, TLP, Silent 4 Business

In the case of email, the color information of the TLP must go in the subject and the email body identified in capital letters.


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, TLP, Silent 4 Business
, TLP, Silent 4 Business

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